X5 Hot-Slip Low Temperature Shrink Film

X5 is a kind of POF heat shrinkable film with excellent performance, which helps to solve almost all problems encountered in the process of shrinkage. It has very good shrinkage at low temperature, and with high shrink speed and good sealing strength. As X5 film has more than 70% of shrinkage, it brings best packaging effect even under the worst conditions. X5 has a good slip property, and can be used for folding box or flat sheet articles after shrink packaging, without adhesion or abrasion. In addition, X5 also has the advantages of wide shrinkage temperature range, good heat sealing performance and low shrinkage force, compared to all other non cross-linked polyolefin shrink film.

X5 is suitable for any packaging machine.

Thickness: 9um, 11um, 14um, 19um.

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  • chocolates polyolefin shrink film

  • baby shrink film soap

Performance Parameters

ZhongCheng Packaging is a leading POF shrink film supplier of low temperature heat shrinkable film, which is ideal for packaging applications where high shrink rates and low shrink temperatures are critical. Our low temperature heat shrinkable film is designed to shrink at temperatures as low as 70°C, making it an excellent choice for products that are sensitive to high temperatures.

With a wide range of shrink ratios available, our low temperature heat shrinkable film can be customized to meet your specific application requirements. Whether you need a high shrink ratio for tightly fitting packaging, or a low shrink ratio to accommodate irregularly shaped products, we have the expertise to deliver the right solution.

Our low temperature heat shrinkable film offers a number of benefits over traditional shrink films. It is more durable and tear-resistant, making it less likely to puncture or tear during shipping or storage. Additionally, because it shrinks at lower temperatures, it is less likely to damage or distort your products during the packaging process.

At ZhongCheng Packaging, we understand the importance of reliability and consistency, which is why we use only high-quality materials in our manufacturing process. Our low temperature heat shrinkable film is B2B certified, ensuring that you can trust its performance and durability.

In summary, ZhongCheng Packaging's low temperature heat shrinkable film is a reliable and cost-effective solution for packaging applications where high shrink rates and low shrink temperatures are important. With customizable shrink ratios and a range of benefits over traditional shrink films, it is an excellent choice for your packaging needs.

GAUGE  9um11um14um19um
Tensile Strength (MD) N/mm² D88211511511095
Tensile Strength (TD)11011010595
Elongation (TD)909510095
MD at 400gmgf D19226.58.512.515.5
TD at 400gm6.29.513.516.5
MD\Hot Wire SealN/mm F880.60.750.880.95
TD\Hot Wire Seal0.650.750.931.1
COF (Film To Film)-     
Static   D18940.
Dynamic 动
Haze   D10033.
Clarity % D174698.598.097.597.0
Gloss @ 45Deg  D24578282.084.084.0
Oxygen Transmission Rate cc/㎡/day D39851440011800117009600
Water Vapor Transmission Rate gm/㎡/dayF124955484538
Free Shrinkage 80℃%D273216.524.515.524.0
Shrink Tension 80℃  1.451.751.601.85
MD\Machine Direction    TD\Transverse Direction

Note:This information represents our best judgment on the work done, but the company assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the use of information or findings contained herein.


At what temperature does shrink wrap shrink?

Shrink wrap typically begins to shrink at temperatures around 200-250°F (93-121°C), but the exact temperature required may depend on factors such as the specific type of shrink wrap film being used and the size and shape of the object being wrapped.

What temperature should shrink film be stored at?

Shrink film should generally be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, with temperatures between 32-70°F (0-21°C) being optimal. Extreme temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight can cause the film to degrade or lose its effectiveness.

How much heat does it take to shrink wrap?

A: The amount of heat required to shrink wrap depends on several factors, such as the thickness and type of film being used, the size and shape of the object being wrapped, and the equipment being used for heating and sealing. In general, temperatures between 200-250°F (93-121°C) are commonly used for shrinking most types of shrink wrap films.

What temperature does heat shrink plastic?

Heat shrink plastic typically shrinks at temperatures between 200-250°F (93-121°C), although the exact temperature required may depend on the specific type of plastic being used and the application. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the specific heat shrink plastic being used to ensure proper results and avoid damage to the materials being wrapped.

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