What is cross-linked POF shrink film?

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Cross-linked pof shrink film (CX-POF) is a special type of polymer film that is crosslinked to increase its thermal stability and mechanical properties while retaining its excellent shrinkage properties. It is used in packaging for food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, and other products to improve their shelf life, appearance, and sales value. In this article, we will explore the properties, methods of production, applications and future prospects of CX-POF.

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Production methods

The first step in the production of CX-POF is selecting the appropriate polymer materials and proportions. Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are commonly used polymers. The film can be produced by methods such as extrusion, blown film, and cast film. Extrusion methods are the most widely used and can be divided into single-layer extrusion and multilayer coextrusion.

After the film is produced, it undergoes crosslinking treatment. Commonly used crosslinking methods include electron beam (EB), ultraviolet (UV), hot air, and chemical methods.

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Properties and characteristics

CX-POF has excellent properties and characteristics that suit it for various packaging applications. One of the most significant features of CX-POF is its high shrink ratio, which can be as high as 80%. Other properties of CX-POF include transparency, brightness, high strength and rigidity, low burr, and anti-static properties.


CX-POF is commonly used for packaging food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics, and other products. It can also be used for packaging irregularly-shaped products like toys, sporting goods, and electronic components. Its high shrink ratio ensures that the packaging fits snugly around the product, protecting it from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.

Sustainability and environmental impact

Compared to other packaging materials such as PVC and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), CX-POF is more environmentally friendly due to its better performance in reducing pollution and its ease of recycling. CX-POF can be easily recycled through methods such as mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, and energy recovery.

Future prospects

In the future, CX-POF technology will continue to develop, with the focus on further improving its performance, reducing its environmental impact, and expanding its applications. There will be more customized products to meet specific requirements, such as high barrier properties, high gloss and anti-fog properties. The application of CX-POF in electronics, pharmaceuticals and medical products is expected to grow.


CX-POF is a polymer film with superior properties and characteristics suitable for various applications. The production process includes polymer selection, film production, and crosslinking treatment. CX-POF possesses excellent properties such as high shrink ratio, transparency, and high strength and rigidity. It is used in many packaging applications and has significant environmental advantages over other materials such as PVC and PET. As technology develops, CX-POF will find wider applications as a vital packaging material.

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What are the advantages of using cross-linked POF shrink film? 

Cross-linked POF shrink film offers several benefits over traditional POF shrink films. Firstly, it has a higher shrink ratio, which means that it can wrap tightly around products, promoting effective packaging. Secondly, cross-linked POF shrink film has greater tear resistance, making it ideal for packaging products with sharp edges or irregular shapes. Thirdly, cross-linked POF shrink film has increased strength and durability, ensuring that packaged products remain intact during transport and storage. Fourthly, it has improved optical properties, such as high transparency and brightness, which enhance product visibility and appeal. Finally, cross-linked POF shrink film is environmentally friendly due to its use of biobased materials and recyclability.

What applications is cross-linked POF shrink film suitable for? 

Cross-linked POF shrink film is suitable for a wide range of packaging applications across various industries. It is commonly used in food packaging, such as meat, cheese, and confectionery, as well as in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices. Its superior mechanical properties make it ideal for wrapping products with sharp edges or irregular shapes, while its high transparency and brightness enhance product visibility and appeal.

How is cross-linked POF shrink film manufactured? 

The manufacturing process for cross-linked POF shrink film involves several steps. Firstly, the polymer material is selected and mixed in the required proportions. Secondly, the mixed material is melted and extruded into a flat sheet or tube. Thirdly, the sheet or tube is stretched in both directions, a process known as biaxial stretching, to orient the polymer molecules in a particular direction. Finally, the stretched material is subjected to a process of molecular cross-linking, either through exposure to high-energy radiation like electron beams or gamma rays or through a chemical reaction with a cross-linkin.

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