Zhongcheng POF Heat Shrink Film Solves Mask Packaging and Accessories Transportation Packaging Challenges

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Case Study: Zhongcheng POF Heat Shrink Film Solves Mask Packaging Challenges

Customer Background: Company X is a cosmetics company specializing in the production of high-quality masks, facing challenges in the mask packaging process.

Challenges: Company X originally purchased BOPP packaging film with insufficient transparency and poor shrinkage performance. The packaged masks tended to loosen and deform, leading to easy damage during transportation and display, and lacked environmental friendliness.

Solution: Company X opted for Zhongcheng's POF heat shrink film to address the packaging issues.

Implementation: Company X successfully procured POF film and adjusted its production process for effective utilization.

Results and Benefits: The POF film enhanced product display, improved packaging quality and stability, met environmental requirements, and enhanced the company's image.

 Case Study: Zhongcheng POF Heat Shrink Film Solves Accessories Transportation Packaging Challenges

Customer Background: Company Y is a company specializing in the manufacturing of electronic product accessories. Its products require packaging and transportation upon completion of production.

Challenges: Company Y used traditional PE film for packaging, but due to the thickness of PE film, cumbersome dismantling was required after transportation, increasing processing costs and time.

Solution: Company Y considered using POF heat shrink film as an alternative. POF film has better dust and moisture resistance performance compared to PE film. Additionally, it is thinner and easier to handle, meeting Company Y's requirements for packaging and transportation.

Implementation: Company Y procured POF heat shrink film and adjusted its production process to ensure the correct use of the film.

Results and Benefits: The dust and moisture resistance of POF film protected the integrity of the products and reduced the damage rate. Furthermore, due to the thinner film, dismantling after transportation became more convenient, saving time and costs. This transition improved Company Y's production efficiency, reduced operating costs, and increased its competitiveness.

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