Factors Affecting Poor Shrinkage of POF Shrink Film

POF shrink film, due to its numerous advantages, has enjoyed good development and application in the market. However, some manufacturers may produce products with poor shrinkage. So, what are the factors affecting the poor shrinkage of POF shrink film?

Temperature Factor: The working principle of the shrink machine is relatively simple, involving the matching of speed and temperature. When the temperature is low, wrinkles may appear on the product surface. Conversely, if the temperature is too high, the film may scorch. Generally, POF shrink film can be used at temperatures around 150-180 degrees Celsius.

Furnace Factors: Inappropriate furnace size can lead to poor shrinkage. This comes in two scenarios: oversized or undersized furnaces. In the case of an oversized furnace, the temperature of the POF shrink film may be too low, and most of the heat may not concentrate properly. Consequently, the shrink packaging machine needs to be set to a very high temperature for better shrinkage. On the other hand, if the furnace is too small, the film may stick to the inner wall of the furnace, which can lead to burning.

Perforation Factor: Most shrink films are not perforated, particularly for automatic packaging of POF shrink film. When complete packaging of the product is required, it is necessary to pierce small holes on the surface of the shrink film. This allows air inside to escape during heat shrinkage, resulting in tight shrinkage against the surface of the packaged item.

Speed Factor: Mismatched speed can occur when different products require different furnace lengths and temperatures, leading to varying conveyor speeds. There is no standard reference value for this speed, as it depends on the testing conducted by the users. Generally, after several tests, satisfactory results can be achieved.

Quality Factor: If the film quality is poor or the selected film width is inappropriate, the effect of using POF shrink film in the shrink machine will not be satisfactory. It may result in wrinkling or bursting of the film.

POF shrink film has been widely valued by developed countries and has become the mainstream shrink packaging material, replacing PVC heat shrink packaging film. During production, it is essential to pay attention to product quality and operate according to reasonable guidelines to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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