What Is The Best Food Shrink Film?

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Food products have the highest demands on shrink films, food shrink films need to be considered safe and available in all materials. There are three main types of shrink film. These available on the market are PVC, polyolefin, and PE, And they are all capable of completing the shrink process with a heat shrink machine.

For food, we have to consider the safety issue, and meeting the requirements of food for packaging is the most important. There are many types of packaging, and it is important to use FDA-approved food packaging film.

Why is polyolefin the best food shrink film?

Polyolefin shrink film has little to no impact on food safety. No matter what shrink film is used, it will be in direct contact with the food, there is bound to be a residue on the food, and some materials can produce toxins.

For example, PVC shrink film in contact with food and heating, will release a large amount of chloride, an excessive amount will lead to poisoning. Therefore, PVC is not suitable for direct contact with food surfaces. Polyethylene is commonly used for larger loads and is not recommended for direct food contact. Polyolefin is a suitable material for food use. and it will used in safe and clean food by using cross-linked polyolefin shrink film.

pizza packaging polyolefin shrink film

This film are suitable used in pizza.

What are the benefits of using polyolefin shrink film for food?

There are several advantages of using polyolefin shrink film:

Safe: Polyolefin shrink film can be directly in contact with the food. Because it is approved by the FDA. What do you know? The actual. Polyolefin does not release chlorinated compounds in the shrink process. and produces less odor during the heating process

Irregular Packaging: Polyolefin shrink film has good physical properties And can generate irregularly shaped packages. It can be shrunk more completely. and more coverage and has a more glossy surface.

Easy to Story: Polyolefin shrink film can withstand a wide range of temperatures. So it can be used in different temperature environments.

Multiple Packaging: Suitable for multiple packaging, using polyolefin is a good choice. For example, egg packaging film can package many eggs together.

Durability: very excellent tear resistance and long service life.

high level of protection: After the protective film formed. It can block the harsh air and moisture and can prevent the erosion of dust and dirt. In addition. Polyolefilm can also have UV protection function, is very powerful,


What is a food plastic wrap?

Food-grade cling film is FDA-approved protective film. Polyolefin shrink wrap is FDA-approved for direct contact with food. And

Can polyolefin be used for low temperature products?

Yes, conventional shrink wrap requires high shrinkage temperatures, and tends to melt the food, affecting the taste. With low-temperature polyolefin shrink film, the shrinking process can be completed at a lower temperature. It is very good to be applied to food that will be spoiled by heat such as chocolate and ice cream.

Can food shrink wrap extend shelf life?

Using polyolefin shrink wrap can keep food fresh, it will not extend the shelf life, but it will prevent early spoilage and can be able to give food a good shelf life. If you want to extend the shelf life, you can try using barrier packaging.

Do I need a heat sealer for shrink packaging?

If you are using polyolefin shrink wrap and polyethylene shrink wrap, use tools such as a heat gun or a heat blower to achieve better shrinkage and to make the item and the shrink wrap firmly adsorbed.

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