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Recycled polyolefin shrink film is a strong, highly transparent, bi-directional stretch, heat shrinkable film with stable and balanced shrinkage. It can be recycled and can improve business economics. The film is soft to the touch and does not become brittle at normal freezer temperatures.POF shrink film also exhibits a non-corrosive seal with no fumes or wire buildup. It is a cost effective non-cross-linked film.

Suitable for most POF plastic shrink wrap machines.

Thickness types: 12um, 15um, 19um, 25um, 30um.

Product Details

Recycled polyolefin shrink film is a recycled polyolefin shrink film with excellent performance and a wide range of applications. The following are its main application scenarios:

1. food packaging field: Recycled polyolefin shrink film can be used for packaging food products, such as meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, coffee, etc. This film can effectively protect food from contamination and oxidation and extend its shelf life.

2. Beverage packaging: This s shrink film can also be used for beverage packaging, such as bottled beverages, canned beverages, fruit juices, etc. It can provide good waterproof performance and tight closure to ensure the freshness and quality of beverages.

3. Pharmaceutical packaging: Recycled polyolefin shrink film can also be used for the packaging of pharmaceuticals. In this field, its main function is to protect pharmaceuticals from moisture and external contamination to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

4. Packaging for daily necessities: It is used to pack daily necessities, such as sanitary napkins, paper towels, detergents, etc. It can make the products more beautiful and easy to carry and protect them from damage and contamination.

Performance Parameters

RecycledPOF shrink film rolls are a high-quality polyolefin shrink film that provides superior protection and presentation for your products. And it can be Recycled with high efficiency, providing companies with a significant increase in economic efficiency and compliance with environmental protection. Designed for use in automatic packaging machines, this shrink film can be applied to a wide range of product sizes and shapes.POF shrink film offers excellent clarity, making it ideal for retail applications where product visibility is critical.

This shrink film has superior puncture resistance and tear strength, ensuring that your products are protected during shipping and storage. It also has excellent barrier properties to protect against moisture, dust and other contaminants.ZDF01 POF Recycled shrink film rolls have a low shrink initiation temperature and high shrink rate, ensuring tight and secure packaging of your products.

Product parameters:



Tensile Strength (MD)N/mm² D882130125120115
TensileStrength (TD)125120115110

MDat 400gmgf D19229.
TDat 400gm8.09.511.514.5

MD\HotWire SealN/mm F880.750.800.951.15
TD\HotWire Seal0.800.850.981.25
COF(Film To Film)-


Gloss@ 45Deg

OxygenTransmission Ratecc/㎡/day D39851450013200108007300
Water Vapor Transmission Rategm/㎡/dayF124952.447.535.527.5
Free Shrinkage100℃%D273218251723

Shrink Tension100℃MpaD28381.652.451.752.55

POF Recycled shrink film rolls are available in different thicknesses, widths, and lengths to meet your specific packaging needs. It is suitable for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. With outstanding clarity, superior strength, and excellent shrink performance, this POF shrink film provides the perfect finishing touch to your product packaging.


Is shrink film recyclable?

Whether shrink film is recyclable or not depends on the specific material it is made of. Some shrink film is recyclable, while others are not.  But if there are shrink films labeled recycled, both can be d to produce greater protection for the environment and improve the economic efficiency of the business.

Is there eco-friendly shrink wrap?

Yes, there are environmentally friendly alternatives to shrink film made from biodegradable materials such as plant-based plastics or compostable polymers.

What can I use instead of PVC shrink film?

Instead of PVC shrink film, you can use shrink film made from polyolefins, which is more environmentally friendly and recyclable.

What is the eco-friendly alternative to shrink wrap?

An environmentally friendly alternative to shrink film is to use reusable containers, paper bags or biodegradable/compostable packaging materials such as mushroom-based packaging, bamboo packaging, etc.

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